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E-butik Flex (6.6)

Puqpress M1 Tamper - Mahlkönig K30 & Peak, 58mm

Puqpress M1 Tamper - Mahlkönig K30 & Peak, 58mm
20% DISCOUNT - ONLY 1 IN STOCK - Automatic tamper (no grinder). New price: 11,995kr Description: Puqpress is extremely easy to set up and use, saving you time and reducing repetitive strain that traditional tamping can cause. Simply grind a dose into your basket, settle if necessary, then insert the portafilter into your Puqpress and it will tamp even and level for you in just seconds. The Puqpress uses electronically adjustable tamping pressure so you can set it to your desired force - in pounds or kilograms - and it will tamp to the same setting every time.

- Adjustable pressure tamping
- Tamps even and level every time
- Easy to set up and adjust
- Fits directly under your Mahlkonig K30, K30 Air, or Peak grinder
- Electronic pressure adjustment from 10-30 kg or 20-60 lbs
- Tamps quickly and cleanly
- Reduces bodily strain caused by traditional tamping
Easy one-step cleaning function

Dimensions cm: 23 × 37 × 35
Tamping pressure: 10-30 kgs / 20-60 lbs
Product No:  ALR PUQ
Stock status: In stock
Campaign price incl VAT: 9600,00 sek
443 SEK/month instalment 24 months
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